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Printing and Specialist Paper framework

Contract ID: RM1078

Start Date: 20/01/2014

End Date: 19/01/2018


The Printing and Specialist Paper framework is a joint collaboration with North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) and Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

The framework is for the supply and delivery of a range of printing and specialist papers that are commonly used in public sector organisations, including:

  • Coated and uncoated papers
  • Recycled and virgin papers
  • Cut sheet and reel papers
  • A variety of paper sizes commonly used for commercial printing including SR sizes
  • A variety of FSC and PEFC certified papers 

It has a single lot structure with three suppliers. 

The framework can be used by all wider public sector organisations including:

  • Local government
  • Health (i.e. NHS)
  • Public corporations
  • Third sector (i.e. charities)
  • Fire & rescue services
  • Police forces
  • Devolved administrations
  • Education 


  • For Office or copier paper please contact  officesupplies[at][dot]uk


This framework was set up to support the increasing need to make savings. We aim to aggregate customer spend on a wide variety of different papers to achieve economies of scales and cost benefits for all users of the framework. These cost benefits are passed directly back to you in the form of competitive price lists.

The aim of this framework is for suppliers to offer good value papers and to work with you in a proactive manner to drive cost savings. They will use their expertise to offer guidance on all aspects of your specifications and suggest alternatives that could be more cost effective. For example:

  • Non-branded alternative papers that meet the same or similar specification as branded options
  • Lower GSM papers based on the use of the final printed item
  • Bulked out papers based on the use of the final printed item
  • Order frequency optimisation to reduce costs 

The suppliers are required to work with you to drive further savings as part of this framework. They will provide monthly management information to both us and you (at your request on setting up the contract at no additional cost) which will detail the alternatives they suggested, the savings that could be achieved and whether these alternatives were taken up.

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Most customers will purchase papers using the price lists without the need for any further competition.

Please note that if you have a significant order requirement, usually over ten tonnes, in a single delivery or if you can commit a larger volume over a longer contract length, you may be able to secure more competitive prices by running a further competition. If you believe your requirement falls within this area please contact paper[at][dot]uk to discuss this further.

To access the price lists for each supplier and further details on the process to access the framework please see the Customer Guidance Notes available here.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Printing and Specialist Paper framework Office 2 - click here to view suppliers 19/01/2018

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Print & Paper Category Team / 0345 410 2222

0345 410 2222

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