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Supply Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services

Contract ID: RM1501

Start Date: 17/12/2012

End Date: 16/12/2016


This agreement expired on 16 December 2016.

This page and all attached documents remain visible purely as an archive for reference by customers and suppliers with open call-off contracts.

Customers can no longer place call-offs under this agreement.

A new agreement is currently being developed and is due to award in May 2017: Supply Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services (RM3812)


This was a multi-lot agreement solution for:

Lot 1 - Office Furniture

The supply, delivery and installation of office furniture including pedestal seating, visitor seating, beam seating, lounge seating, educational seating, desking, desk screens, conference tables, meeting room furniture, timber and steel storage and associated products.

Lot 2 - Residential Furniture

The supply, delivery and installation of bedroom furniture, study furniture, dining room furniture, residential seating and associated products.

Lot 3 - High Density Steel Storage Furniture

The supply, delivery and installation of high density steel storage, including static and mobile storage systems, gondola library shelving and associated products.

Lot 4 - Repair and renovation of Furniture

The provision of a repair and renovation service for a range of furniture products including but not limited to bedroom, dining room and office furniture including workstations, tables, chairs, timber and steel cupboards and steel lockers. The renovation service will include desk conversion, re-upholstery, epoxy powder re-spraying, timber and metal general repair and move management.


To purchase against the framework there were a variety of ordering routes:

Online catalogues were available for direct purchases via the Government eMarketplace.

Alternatively, you could approach those suppliers within the particular lot to conduct a further competition if you had a higher value requirement. 

If your requirement was for lots 3 and 4, these offered solutions based on your own individual needs and it was recommend that customer may find it more beneficial to undertake a further competition to receive proposals against your specific requirements.

MoD Demanders: the procurement of Defence furniture was through the Government eMarketplace. Please insert the following address into the Defence Intranet for further guidance and access to Government eMarketplace.

If you require further assistance please contact FCMT on 030 679 83226 or 83227.


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The previous Furniture framework agreement (RM440) expired on 30 September 2012.  In the months leading up to the Furniture framework expiring, we worked with key customers including the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to devise the procurement strategy for the replacement framework.

The procurement has followed an EU compliant Open procedure. OJEU Contract Notice reference: (2012/S 125-207165) was placed on 29 June 2012.

The aim of the framework is to provide customers a ‘one stop shop’ solution to capture public sector spend for new office, residential and storage furniture, whilst promoting the greater reuse of existing public sector furniture through an additional repair/renovation service, with the aim to generate cost savings against the demand for new furniture.

Stakeholder Engagement was undertaken during spring 2012 and included a customer event with representatives from Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Defra, Department for Transport, Health and Safety Executive, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Driving Standards Agency, Environment Agency and Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The agreement will be managed using rigouress supplier relationship management including key performance indicator tracking and monitoring of overall framework performance including sales and savings. In addition we will be working with all the framework suppliers to ensure the framework prices continue to achieve value for money.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 14 - click here to view suppliers
1 Office Furniture Property 6 - click here to view suppliers 16/12/2016
2 Residential Furniture Property 4 - click here to view suppliers 16/12/2016
3 High Density Steel Storage Property 4 - click here to view suppliers 16/12/2016
4 Repair and Renovation Service Property 4 - click here to view suppliers 16/12/2016

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Julie Sullivan

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