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Contract ID: RM1502

Start Date: 16/05/2013

End Date: 15/12/2017


The ConsultancyONE framework agreement (RM1502) has been extended until 15 December 2017.

Customers should note the extension is outside of the original OJEU term for ConsultancyONE.

The extension provides customers with a continuity of service until the Management Consultancy framework agreement (RM3745) is live. Further information and updates on RM3745.


ConsultancyONE provides strategic, broad based advice across a wide range of disciplines and functions to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to public sector customers.

Services have been categorised into 15 lots and guidance on selecting the appropriate lot is available in the “Documents” tab which also contains a supplier matrix and call-off terms and conditions.

Customer support

If you feel you would benefit from a general overview of the agreement and how to use it to encourage best practice and maximise results and savings for your organisation’s consultancy spend we can arrange a call with you.

During the call we will discuss with you:

  • What ConsultancyONE can do for you
  • Scope, lot structure and rates
  • How to run an effective further competition
  • How to work with your supplier
  • Support available

Sessions can be arranged at dates/times to suit you. If you would like to arrange a suitable time for a call, or would like to know more, please email[at][dot]uk.

IT consultancy

We provides access to IT services through the following agreements:

  • Digital Services
  • GCloud
  • ConsultancyONE
  • Contingent LabourONE  

The following guidance has been developed to help you identify which agreement you should use depending on the type of requirement you have.

Route To Purchase IT Consultancy

For further information please contact our helpdesk on info[at][dot]uk or call 0345 410 2222.


  • Efficiency - quick and simple to access: we have carried out a tender process compliant with the EU Public Contract Regulations, saving valuable resources and time for customers with greatly reduced procurement timescales.
  • Best practice procurement: the framework has been through a rigorous procurement process, benefiting from the great wealth of knowledge and vast experience of category and sourcing experts within GPS and across the public sector to encapsulate customer requirements.
  • Standard pre-agreed terms and conditions: suppliers have pre-agreed a standard set of terms and conditions for call off agreements placed under the framework.
  • Quality: supplier experience, expertise and commitment to quality have been assessed during the procurement process when establishing the framework.
  • Choice of suppliers: wide choice of capable suppliers from large multi-national companies to SMEs. This is the first time SMEs have access, via a framework, to multi-specialism programme delivery advice opportunities. 44% of suppliers are SMEs.
  • Central management of framework and suppliers: framework suppliers are managed centrally by us.
  • Savings: ConsultancyONE is set to deliver £40m of savings annually, compared to the prices currently paid on existing frameworks. 93% of all the ConsultancyONE maximum rates (per grade per day) are below the average published Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy rates. Further monetary savings can be achieved through changes in buying behaviours, fully utilising the diverse range of framework suppliers, including SMEs, in order to deliver best value.

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To access the agreement, please first read the customer guidance notes, see the call-off terms and conditions and order form and note the High Level Evaluation Criteria for the framework.

Whilst the framework agreement is available for use by all parts of the public sector (as defined in the OJEU notice), for central government organisations - departments, arm's length bodies (ALBs) and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) - this framework is the mandated route for the procurement of consultancy services within scope, between £100k and £2m in value. Requirements below £100k and above £2m should be procured via different procurement routes.

Further competition

All call-off contracts should be awarded via a further competition process.

Central government

If you are an onboarded central government customer, the further competition process will be managed by us on your behalf.

If you are not yet onboarded please continue to manage the further competition process in accordance with your own systems and use our eSourcing tools as needed.

Central government organisations will operate in line with the following roles and responsibilities:


Headline Role / Responsibility


  1. Management of further competition process, including:
  • Advise on the most appropriate procurement strategy
  • Formulate tender documentation
  • Verify the completeness of information contained within each tender
  • Evaluate the commercial aspects of the tender
  • Notify unsuccessful tendering suppliers of the award decision
  • Ensure legal compliance
  1. Aid the collection of management information
  2. Provide performance data
  3. Support Supplier development activity
  1. Manage demand
  2. Obtain all organisational spending approvals
  3. Develop a specification for the requirement
  4. Evaluate tenders
  5. Award contracts and notify the successful tendering supplier
  6. Management of service delivery / supplier performance
  7. Provide ad hoc management information to GPS


Wider Public Sector

For wider public sector bodies, there is no restriction on the value of contracts that may be sourced through this framework.

You should manage the further competition process in accordance with your own requirements and processes, and are encouraged to use our eSourcing tool.

To do this, you must issue an RFX to all service providers capable of meeting the requirement by inviting them to submit proposals. 

The RFX should:

  • Specify a fixed time limit for submission of proposals (the time limit should be of sufficient duration to allow proposals to be submitted, taking into account factors such as the complexity of the services, the requirement and the time needed to compile and submit a proposal).
  • Seek proposals for fulfilling the requirement, including agreement to any special terms proposed by you.
  • Contain a copy of the order form, completed as if it were the order to be placed.
  • State if a reverse auction is to be held.

You should then evaluate the proposals received and notify all invited service providers of the outcome.

Place the resulting order with the service provider who has submitted the most economically advantageous tender.

The high- level evaluation criteria must match those used when tendering for the framework and be grouped under the following headings:

  • Proposed approach 60% - 80%
  • Whole life costs 20% - 40%

Sub-criteria can then be placed under these two headings, specific to your requirements.

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Under the terms of the framework agreement the charges (maximum day rates) have beeen fixed (or in some cases reduced)  for the entire framework period from the commencement date.

There are 6 suppliers who are common between the Multi Disciplinary Consultancy (MDC) framework and ConsultancyONE  Lot 1- Multi Specialism Programme Delivery. Comparing the rates of these 6 suppliers only, who account for 81% of MDC spend, on a weighted basket of grades, indicates that the maximum day rates for Lot 1 are an average of 21% lower than the published framework day rates for MDC.

For 4 of these 6 suppliers, maximum rates for Lot 1 are significantly less than the actual day rates paid for MDC, by between 18% and 36%

Of the 120 comparable*rates for ConsultancyONE and MDC - 93% of the Maximum framework rates for ConsultancyONE rates are lower than average MDC framework rates .*(no “Trainee” grade on MDC)

To demonstrate the cash savings benefit associated with using the framework, we identify actual rates paid by customers for work carried out using the framework and other routes to market (ie following further competition) and compare prices paid per grade/per day to the baseline established for 2009/10 pricing.


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We are leading the transformation of central government procurement through the centralisation, standardisation and aggregation of spend on common goods and services, to deliver sustainable cost reductions across central government.

The ConsultancyONE framework agreement is the procurement vehicle for this transformation for business and management consultancy and related services and is the mandatory route for projects within scope between £100k and £2m for Central Government customers.

For all customers, central government and wider public sector, the overarching objective for this procurement was to create a fully compliant “best in class” national framework providing access to a choice of credible suppliers who will provide quality services, drive innovation, aggregation and deliver maximum savingsThis will create a route to market which will support the ERG agenda for aggregated spend, whilst providing better control,  governance and visibility of consultancy expenditure.

The Government has successfully committed to ensuring that small organisations and businesses can compete fairly with bigger companies for its contracts, with 27% of first phase suppliers being SMEs.

In addition, SMEs have been awarded places on lots which have historically been dominated by large firms; for example in the multi-specialism delivery advice lot 25% of providers are SMEs.

Francis Maude commented:

“We’ve already put an end to excessive consultancy spend by establishing stringent controls which have slashed the cost to the taxpayer by 85% and saved over £1 billion in 2011/12 compared to the level of spending in 2009/10.

But we want to go even further in changing how Government buys in consultancy services by introducing a new single framework which saves even more money for the taxpayer and ends our reliance on larger suppliers. With SMEs making up over 27% of suppliers on this first phase of the framework, we’re creating more opportunities and boosting business for smaller providers where we know greater value and innovation can be found.”

The ConsultancyONE framework agreement was developed to facilitate the centralised consultancy category strategy and has been approved by both the HMG Chief Procurement Officer and the Commercial Directors in each of the 17 main Central Government Departments.

A cross government Procurement Project Team was created to ensure the procurement delivers the approved strategy for the consultancy category and is compliant, efficient and effective. It managed stakeholder engagement, approved documents and delivered all decisions in relation to actions required for a compliant procurement, project success and policy implementation.

The procurement team designed and delivered the procurement and evaluation strategy up to and including, sign off, drafting of PQQ / ITT documents, issue of the OJEU notice and award of framework agreements. The team identified and managed both the strategic and operational risks in relation to the procurement activities, escalating as required. The team ensured successful stakeholder engagement throughout the procurement project life cycle.

The Professional Services Governance Board (PSGB) - Customer Stakeholder Group  represents the 17 consultancy spending departments across Central Government; their role is to work with GPS, with the aim of ensuring the long-term success of the Frameworks through maximising the opportunities for aggregation.  The Group represents a focus for discussion on the business requirements and operation of the ConsultancyONE, specifically adding expertise and experience from a departmental consultancy user perspective. They committed user resources to ensure the specification meets the needs of all those who will use the Framework, and going forward for user liaison with the category team and for monitoring that the solution will meet those needs in terms of quality, functionality and ease of use.

GPS will work in effective partnership with PSGB, Local Government and Framework providers by providing, monitoring and evaluating a range of high quality consultancy services for departments and users. The focus will be on centrally managed relationships, performance management, benchmarking and data sharing.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 63 - click here to view suppliers
1 Multi Specialism Programme Delivery Professional Services 20 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
2.1 Policy Development and Advice Professional Services 20 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
2.2 Organisational Strategy Professional Services 20 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
3.1 Change Management (PPM) Professional Services 20 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
3.2 Human Resources Management Professional Services 15 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
3.3 Procurement Professional Services 10 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
3.4 Information & Communications Technology Professional Services 15 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
4.1 Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy Professional Services 15 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
4.2 Investment and Banking Services Professional Services 9 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
4.3 Finance Operations Support Professional Services 12 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
4.4 Economic Analysis Professional Services 10 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
5.1 Internal Audit and Advice Professional Services 10 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
5.2 Other Assurance and Advice Professional Services 9 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
5.3 Financial Audit and Investigation Professional Services 9 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017
5.4 External Audit and Advice Professional Services 8 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2017

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Customer Service Desk

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