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Technology Products 2

Contract ID: RM3733

Start Date: 31/10/2016

End Date: 30/10/2018


Technology Products 2 (TP2) offers customers a flexible and compliant route to market for all their commodity technology product needs; whether it is a single cable or entire corporate infrastructure.

By listening to the market, TP2 has been redesigned and restructured in line with buyer and supplier needs. Featuring a mix of quality suppliers, the agreement is comprised of six lots:

Lot 1 - Hardware 

This lot is for customers looking to purchase IT hardware and peripherals including but not limited to: PCs, laptops, keyboards, servers, audiovisual equipment, network infrastructure equipment and peripherals/accessories. Operating systems and utility software is included as part of a standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product offering. Factory/reseller software builds are also included in this lot when purchased alongside/installed on the associated hardware. A range of close-to-the-box services are allowable, including image load, asset tagging, delivery, installation, configuration, user handover, removal of packaging and disposal of old equipment.

Lot 2 - Software

This lot is for customers looking for off-the-shelf software solutions. It includes a full range of commercial and open source commodity software; software licenses and associated commoditised; close-to-the-box services including software asset management where purchased as part of an overall licence agreement (for example, a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement) and installation/configuration.

Lot 3 - Combined hardware and software 

This lot is for customers who have a combined requirement for IT hardware and software and want to purchase it from one supplier. Suppliers that appear on both lots 1 and 2 appear on lot 3 and the combined lot descriptions for Lots 1 and 2 apply in terms of scope.

Lot 4 - Information Assured Products

This lot covers commoditised IT products and solutions that meet specific protective information assurance requirements. The main provision for the products and solutions is to provide information assurance enforcing or relevant functionality.

Lot 5 - Volume Hardware Requirements [Direct from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)]

This lot is for the provision of volume hardware requirements (approximately 500+ identical units). Suppliers are OEMs limited to supplying their own branded goods and/or related services. This lot is for high-volume requirements and needs to be competed on a brand-agnostic basis. Close-to-the-box services are limited to those that can be applied on the production line (e.g. image load and asset tagging).

Lot 6 - Catalogue 

Offering an extensive range of commoditised technology hardware and software products through an online catalogue via a direct award based on lowest price. Using on a new catalogue platform, this lot offers a best of breed approach to product information, search, selection and purchasing.

There are 61 suppliers providing pricing to consistent catalogue content. As initial supplier contact is only accessible by way of the CCS catalogue platform supplier details are not published under the "Lot Details" tab. Supplier names can be found in the supplier matrix under the "Documents" tab for reference, but all purchasing activity must be undertaken using the CCS catalogue platform and suppliers must not be contacted directly unless the online workflow process specifies this, at which time the necessary details will be provided.

The catalogue Beta release is now available for live purchasing, as the first set of content on the new CCS purchasing Platform.

Please click this link to visit the new site and sign up:

The sign up process is simple and fully online. You will need to know, at sign up, whether you are permitted (under your organisation's procurement policy and processes) to issue a purchase order directly from within the procurement platform (Quote & Purchase) or whether you need to obtain a system quote for onward processing using another system/process (Quote only). This is because a buyer role needs to be selected at sign up.  

Extra functionality is still being developed and will be added over the coming weeks, including integration with buyers' procurement systems. Please use the "contact us" link on the platform home page (either pre or post-logon) to express interest in this functionality or with any other questions.

[Ministry of Defence buyers - please note that the Ministry of Defence has a separate, internal catalogue process and you are therefore unable to register to use this purchasing platform.]


Customer engagement events

We are committed to continued engagement and we will bring buyers and suppliers together by rolling out events, monthly Tech Reference Groups, newsletters offering market insight, data transparency with spend “league tables” and details of all the latest deals, including an annual Flash Sale every March and quarterly eAuctions.

To start the programme of events we hosted agreement customer launch events at various locations across the UK in November and December for buyers, and events to showcase the catalogue in January and February.



  • Great choice of products and associated services
  • High quality suppliers
  • 68 suppliers (54% SMEs)
  • Flexible routes to market
  • Dynamic catalogue functionality (lot 6)
  • Best public sector prices
  • Capped margins - suppliers’ margins are contractually capped and audited on a monthly basis by CCS which ensures best value
  • Reduced timescales - no further OJEU process needed
  • Pre-defined terms and conditions
  • Call-off contracts can be up to 5 years (depending on circumstances)
  • Framework developed in collaboration with ESPO, YPO & MoD


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To access the agreement, please first read the ‘Buyer and Supplier Guide’ which can be found under the "Documents" tab above.

The purpose of this guide is to provide full information on how to use the agreement and explain the 3 ways to buy

  1. Day to day spot purchases and ad hoc requirements (low value/low volume or high urgency) - Catalogue  (Lot 6)
  2. Medium value spend where some additional expertise is required to ensure value for money - Further Competition (Lot 1-5)
  3. Large volume hardware requirements, for example a desktop refresh - Aggregation or Direct from Manufacturer (Lot 5)


Low value, low volume or high urgency transactions can be simply procured through our new dynamic online catalogue.

The catalogue Beta release is now available for live purchasing, as the first set of content on the new CCS purchasing Platform.

Please click this link to visit the new site and sign up:

Further competitions

Further competitions may be run using our eSourcing tool, or your own choice of eSourcing method/tool/portal. However, please note that the request for quote (RFQ) and/or Free Text Requisition functions provided on the Government eMarketplace platform are not suitable or approved for use under the agreement.


Our aggregation and design team provides a service for customers who have common purchasing needs for technology related products and services.

Please see the Technology Aggregation Opportunities page for more information.  

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We have developed a benefits methodology to capture and measure savings.

With a good selection of suppliers in each lot, you will also achieve best value for money and demonstrable savings through the further competition or catalogue processes. 

Suppliers are required to provide transparency in invoicing to allow you to see clearly the cost of products and the cost of logistics. This data will allow you to directly compare the price of products and understand the price implications of your buying practices.

In order to achieve the best price through the catalogue, a smart basket function has been built to meet the “direct award on price” evaluation. Although you will see a list of the  supplier prices which match your search, you will only be allowed to buy each product at the lowest price (depending on stock availability). 

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 38 - click here to view suppliers
1 Technology Hardware Technology 30 - click here to view suppliers 30/10/2018
2 Packaged Software Technology 22 - click here to view suppliers 30/10/2018
3 Combined Hardware and Packaged Software Technology 20 - click here to view suppliers 30/10/2018
4 Information Assured Products Technology 8 - click here to view suppliers 30/10/2018
5 Volume hardware requirements direct from manufacturer Technology 9 - click here to view suppliers 30/10/2018

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Technology Products Duty Officer

0345 410 2222

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