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Demand Side Response Services

Contract ID: RM964

Start Date: 01/02/2013

End Date: 31/01/2017



This framework has now expired and can no longer be accessed. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. A new framework is in the process of being procured. Further information can be found here: 


The public sector estate is vast and diverse, using an estimated 10% of total UK electricity demand. The varying usage and on-site operations present a unique opportunity to take part in current and future demand side schemes, assisting the UK electricity network with its demand and sustainability targets whilst optimising current assets.

Fluctuations in electricity supply and demand dictate that some capacity must always be kept in reserve to keep the transmission and distribution system in balance. Traditionally, much of this reserve came from fossil fuelled power stations; which is both expensive and carbon intensive. Today, it’s possible and more efficient for organisations on the demand side to provide some of the flexibility needed to balance the system. This is known as Demand Side Response.

Whether you are a hospital, RAF base or have multiple local authority buildings, this framework has been set up to assist you in achieving your financial and sustainability targets, whilst assisting national and local grid systems with suitable demand and supply support.

In order to use this framework you will need to have, or seek to have, the ability to curtail/shift consumption of electricity or utilise on-site electricity generation capabilities in order to provide a demand side resource to the local or national grid.

The agreement is made up of three qualified demand response providers (also known as aggregators) to provide a mechanism for successful participation in demand response and a gateway to improved energy management.

Network operator services offered include (but are not limited to):

  • Short term operating reserve (STOR): operated by National Grid to balance the national electricity system following unforeseen increase in demand or generator non-availability. This service provides additional active power from generation or demand reduction.
  • Frequency Control by Demand Management (FCDM): operated by National Grid (and some distribution network operators) to maintain frequency on their networks at +/-1% of 50Hz at all times. It provides frequency response through the interruption of demand customers. This is done automatically by frequency relay.
  • Firm Frequency Response (FFR): operated by National Grid (and some distribution network operators) to maintain frequency on the grid at +/-1% of 50Hz at all times.

The scope of the services includes:

  • Bespoke site assessments for energy curtailment/reduction planning;
  • Rapid sign up and acceptance into the relevant Demand Response Scheme and management of all necessary ongoing nomination activity;
  • Relevant equipment purchase, installation and maintenance by fully trained staff;
  • Pre-event preparation, training and periodic testing of notification systems and demand response procedures;
  • Timely notifications of the start and end times of all demand response events;
  • Feedback on performance during demand response events, as necessary;
  • Access to timely post-event analysis; and
  • Necessary ongoing customer service and support.

The framework providers will seek to maximize the total capacity (kW or MW) that is allocated to each scheme. By using this framework you can expect this capacity to be sourced from a customised mixture of targeted energy reductions designed to minimise any operational impacts and on-site generation capabilities which may include “emergency” back-up generators or co-generation. You are encouraged to use ‘true’ demand curtailment/shift rather than the use of back-up generation.


  • Offers a source of revenue by using existing energy management assets
  • Provides a robust energy management plan
  • Helps improve on-site resilience

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  1. You can run a further competition to help you identify the most suitable supplier for your needs.
  2. Alternatively you can direct award using the direct award criteria matched against the supplier’s tender, as set out in the framework schedules.  Supplier tender information is provided on request, please email energy-dsr[at][dot]uk.
  3. You should then place your order directly with your chosen supplier using the order form.

Should you require any further assistance please email the energy team energy-dsr[at][dot]uk

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Net of costs, all revenue brought in from this framework can be counted as savings. Added benefits may result in reduced energy consumption and this may also be counted as savings.

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This agreement was developed on the back of customer discussions and feedback on the complexity of the marketplace and how developing an EU compliant framework would unlock the potential for the majority of large energy users within the public sector.

The framework was developed in conjunction with the largest energy users within the public sector, including:

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Transport for London
  • NHS England
  • Scottish Procurement

Plus many others. Customers shaped the procurement specification to ensure it matched their needs, including making it future proof for any new grid schemes which may come enter the market before the end of the framework.

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