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Bramble Hub Limited

DUNS number
9E Albert Embankment
020 7735 0030

Reference: RM1502

Contact Name: Roland Cunningham
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Lot Number Lot Name
2.1 Policy Development and Advice
3.1 Change Management (PPM)
3.4 Information & Communications Technology

Reference: RM1042
Corporate Software Solutions

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions
2 Finance IT Software Solutions
3 Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software Solutions
4 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
5 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Solutions
6 Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS) Software Solutions
7 Mobile Application Solutions

Reference: RM1032
Enterprise Application Support Services

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Oracle E Business Suite Enterprise Application Support
2 SAP Enterprise Application Support Services
3 Other Specified Enterprise Application Support Services
4 Other Non-Specified Enterprise Application Support Services

Reference: RM1050
ICT Services for Education

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 ICT Services for Education

Reference: RM1059
Local Authority Software Applications

Contact Name: David Buckle
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Lot Number Lot Name
2 Payment Processing and Cash Receipting Systems
3 Environmental Planning Building Control Trading Standards and Licencing systems
4 Libraries systems
5 Housing and Property systems
6 Social Care systems
7 Public Health systems
8 Civil Enforcement systems
9 Open Government Systems Interoperability and Integration Services
10 Democratic and Citizen Engagement systems
11 Other Local Authority business systems

Reference: RM1058
Technology Services

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Help desk/Service desk
2 Desktop Support
3 Network Management
4 Network and content security
5 Infrastructure and Platform, Maintenance and Support
6 Audit services & Asset Management
7 IT Infrastructure Transition Services & Delivery
8 Service Integration/Service Integrator
9 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
10 Backup and Data Services
11 Asset Disposal