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  • Apprenticeship Training and Related Services

    Framework number: RM3823

    RM3823 Synopsis: Apprenticeship training for leadership, project management, operational delivery, HR, finance and tax, digital, customer service, commercial, property and more.   Full description: This agreement provides a modular training curriculum for leadership and management, project and

  • Behavioural Insights

    Framework number: RM6004

    RM6004 Synopsis: Inform policy and service design through behavioural science to encourage, enable and support people to make better choices for themselves.    Full description: This is a single-lot multi-supplier agreement. The solution encompasses the end-to-end process of delivering a range of

  • Building Materials and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM3747

    RM3747 Update This framework expired on 19 February 2019.   Full description The RM3747 Buildings Materials framework agreement is an EU compliant framework agreement which provides a comprehensive range of buildings materials and associated services.  There are eight lots: Lot 1 Buildings

  • Campaign Solutions

    Framework number: RM3774

    RM3774 Synopsis: Choose from 27 agencies to design, develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns.   Full description: This agreement covers all the services you need to run end-to-end marketing campaigns. It is a single lot agreement. Each of the 27 agencies is able to deliver all the tasks

  • Communication Services

    Framework number: RM3796

    RM3796 Synopsis: Work with agencies on tactical, specialised or international marketing,  communications and events activity.   Full description: Hire an agency for tactical, niche or specialised marketing communications support. You can choose  an agency on a standalone basis or to support an

  • Computer Based Testing Services

    Framework number: RM995

    RM995 The Computer Based Testing Services agreement provides access to services ranging from the provision of remote online individual tests through to secure invigilated testing conducted at managed premises, including the design, development and delivery of tests. The framework has been awarded

  • Contact Centre Services

    Framework number: RM3815

    RM3815 Synopsis: Contact centre services covers channels that the public use to interact with government services, including telephony, email, web-based and back office.   Full description: Contact centres includes a broad range of communications channels that the public uses to answer queries

  • Corporate Finance Services

    Framework number: RM3719

    RM3719 Specialist advice and execution in corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets and financial portfolios.   Advice on any complex corporate finance matters. This agreement covers everything from long term policy planning to shorter term response to external

  • Corporate Software Solutions

    Framework number: RM1042

    RM1042 PLEASE NOTE:  The replacement tfor this Framework, Data and Application Solutions, has been awarded. Please visit the  DAS Web Page  for further information.    GDPR GDPR legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018, so CCS has updated the Corporate Software Solutions Agreement and the Call

  • Courier Services

    Framework number: RM3798

    RM3798 Synopsis A range of courier services from simple collection and delivery to complex requirements for transporting regulated items and substances.   Full description The framework suppliers offer courier services for parcels, packages and documents with a range of collection and delivery